We partnered with Darver Castle to create a promotional video to attract bookings to their venue. Our video attracted thirty thousand non-advertise views, and wedding bookings increased by twenty percent during video campaign.

The Challenge

“Most little girls dream of an extravagant white wedding in a
majestic old castle.”

Darver Castle dates back to the 15th Century and is situated on 50 acres of has been lovingly restored by the Carville family, who continue to care for it. Beyond the gates of Darver Castle you sense the peace and serenity. Along the sweeping driveway to the castle, the towers and turrets of the castle come into view. With our mature trees and manicured lawns, you are sure to have many perfect photographic opportunities during your Castle Wedding.

Our Solution

CLEAR GOAL + plus call to action

We notice that a lot of TV commercials and Promotional content out there does not have a clear message; the message is lost or confusing or forgotten in the creative process. We wanted to create a promotional video that had a clear goal and was easy to understand and entertaining. Some agencies may produce content that is intelligent or that you may have to review multiple times to discover the hidden meaning, this approach is great when it works, an alternative is to make sure the message is clear and understandable. Keep it simple, which can be also be challenging.

“Jump films understanding of the service we offer is reflected in the video they produced for us. This is the third and most successful video they have made for us ”

Anne Darcy
Marketing Manager of Darver Castle.


30,000 non-advertised online views.
20% increase in venue booking during video campaign.