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Let Your Customers Get To Know You


We break the ice between you and your audience by introducing them to the people that work in your company so they can get a clear insight into how you operate and get to know you a little before they start working with you. An ‘about us’ video can help you visually share your message.

How we help you with animations?


If you need to land a man on the moon or show an atom splitting to your audience, an animation video is the best solution to present what cannot be filmed. We also use after effects to create 2d and 3d visual effects for videos, films, commercials, and presentations.

If this aligns with what you’d like to do for your brand, feel free to make an enquiry, and we can discuss your project in more detail from there.

What are the main points of an awareness video?


Your main goal while creating an awareness video is to get noticed. Raising awareness should drive your audience to take action. Focusing on what is unique about the issue you are trying to highlight and how your audience can help you.

We can also help you write or develop a concept for your awareness video.

How Behind The Scenes (BTS) can help your brand?


Behind the Scenes are an underrated yet super effective way of doing brand promotions and making people curious about it without shoving your product down their throats and making them naturally curious about your brand by giving them some sneak peeks. Many companies used BTS for brand awareness and promotion and have generated great results.

A lot more companies should use behind-the-scenes videos to generate interest in their brand. It’s an excellent way for your audience to see a raw version of your work. If you are planning an event on launching a product, you can take your audience on that journey with you. Behind-the-scenes videos are a great alternative to scripted content and another way to connect with your audience.

Why is brand video so important?


A brand video is extremely important, as it brings major benefits to the brand and helps it in many areas. The main benefits of a brand video are to help drive sales, increase awareness and grow your audience.

You can also use your brand videos to build relationships with clients or educate them on new products or services. Brands can communicate more effectively using video. Your audience will easily understand your brand’s vision when the message is clear.

How do corporate videos help organisations?


Corporate videos are an essential part of an organisation’s internal and external communication strategy. A well-shot and produced corporate video can clearly outline your goals and strategies to your target audience.

Corporate videos will save your company a lot of time and energy repeating a message you can efficiently deliver in video format.

Are Explainer videos important for you?


Explainer videos are great for marketing or sales purposes to highlight a product or service. They are very effective at explaining complicated solutions in an easy-to-understand format. If executed correctly, your audience will clearly understand your product and be interested in buying it.

We create explainer videos for your products that will help skyrocket your sales.

Stand out from your competitors


Event videos make your brand more transparent, increasing customer trust and helping you to stand out from competitors. We help you find what is unique about your brand and share it with your audience.

How we help you with your interview video?


Interview videos are used widely to convey your message directly to your audience. We will help guide you through the interview production process, from the script of content to finding the perfect location to shoot your interview. With over 12 years of experience shooting interviews, we know all the tricks and tips to get the best interview out of the interviewee.

Use internal videos for effective personal communication


Internal videos present an engaging opportunity to share important messages and communicate in a more personal way than traditional communications.  From concept to creation, we help you tell a compelling story that will capture the viewer’s imagination.

If this aligns with what you’d like to do for your brand, feel free to make an enquiry and we can discuss your project in more detail from there.

Live stream to your audience


We have built up a lot of experience supporting live streams, from streaming at live events to getting the right technical team in to support your production. Live streaming is when a streamed video is sent via a streaming service in real-time. Corporate videos, interviews, video game streams, produced videos, and social media videos can all be live-streamed online.

Sing your message


Music videos are a great way to engage your audience. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to music while the visual of the song unfolds before your eyes?

We have all seen the Instagram video where people get personalised song produced for loved ones. The same approach can be used for the service you offer.

How do promotional videos boost your presence?


To boost sales and increase visibility online, you may want to consider a promotional video. This video should set you apart from the competition. This video can be entertaining or informative, while strongly representing your brand..

Promotional video gives your customers an overview of the service you offer and are great solution for reaching a wider audience.

How to keep your audience hooked to your content?


Capturing your audience’s attention is crucial, keeping their attention is even more important. And to do it, you must create high-quality video content that will stop them from clicking next.

Your video content should look, sound, and feel great. Your video content should tell a compelling story that grabs the audience’s attention?

Educate your audience


A great training video should be easy to understand, have a logical structure, and remain relevant and should keep your audience engaged. When produced correctly, they will be a great tool for educating your audience. 

How do we communicate your customers’ success with testimonials?


Nothing sells your brand better than promoting the positive experiences your customers have with your service. Communicating your customers’ good experiences with a testimonial video will bring in more customers and make them trust your brand more.

We arrange all the technical aspects of the shoot, from hiring extra crew members to working with the talent if required.

What advantages will TV advertising bring to you?


TV advertising builds trust with your audience, which is why so many companies still prefer it over digital marketing for making their brand’s name. Marketing Sherpa survey states that 80% of consumers trust TV advertising channels vs. 61% trust google ads.

Is TV advertising ideal for your brand?

Small and new brands take advantage of TV advertising to boost their sales. If you have just started your brand or own a small business, TV advertising can bring you massive sales quickly. Plus, you won’t have to fight for screen space, and there are no distractions. When building larger audiences, TV Ads are a great solution to jump-start your sales.

What Clients Say about Jump Films

Version 1

Apr 9, 2019

Great to work with

Version 1 commissioned Jump Films to carry out filming for multiple projects. Gerard is great to work with and provided strong guidance for us at the shoots. Would highly recommend working with Jump Films..

Julia Carville

Apr 1, 2020

Highly recommend Jump Films

Gerard did videos for our website. Each short film is a unique with all the personality and charm of Darver Castle, captured to perfection. Gerard is prompt, efficient, knowledgeable and extremely friendly, super at his job, and very professional.

Louise Kelly

March 14, 2019

Our annual Energy Symposium event

We worked with Gerard and Jumpfilms on a number of projects, last year they traveled with us to our annual Energy Symposium event. The video captured everything we requested and more. We will definitely work with Gerard and his team on future events and projects.

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