Our Production Company Storytelling Process - Video Production is an exciting process where we spend multiple hours working on ideas, scripts, storyboards, filming and editing, here is a basic overview of the process we go through to produce a video.

1. The Idea

The Idea is the single most important part of the production company process is the idea when the idea is great so is the video.  We work directly with you to ensure that we create a great idea for your video. Or maybe you have a great idea that we can help you fine-tune. The more challenging the idea the more we look forward to working with you.

2. The Script

Once we have finalized the idea we can start working on the script, again we collaborate with you. We also storyboard some projects depending on the complexity of the idea. When the script or storyboard is complete, we can discuss what talent, crew or equipment is required for the project.

3. Filming

Filming can take anywhere from a day or weeks to complete depending on the project. Filming on location requires a lot of preparation, we make the process enjoyable. We arrange all the technical aspects of the shoot, from the hiring of extra crew members to working with talent if required.

4. Editing

We spend a lot of time perfecting the videos we produce in the editing room. This process involves capturing footage, editing, color correction, sound mixing, voice-over, creating titles, visual effects and more. Once completed it is time for you to review your video.

4. Share

Now is it time to share. We have partnered with pay per click and marketing company so that the right audience can see your video.