Post Production - JumpFilms has found that holiday spirit and in an attempt to spread Christmas cheer we have teamed up with In our new advert Santa has finally got the chance to do some flower arranging and as you all know that is one of his favourite pastimes, well that and driving the sleigh of course. The crew here at JumpFilms constructed Santa’s workshop in a nearby building, borrowing decorations from family members (don’t worry we gave them back) and we also had a sign to hang in front of the shop constructed.  From there the kind people at gave us many different flower arrangements that we worked into the video along with all of the toys and presents seen in the video.

We shot over two nights, the first was interior shots, setting up the lighting and camera angles for each scene in the video. We then had Saint Nick himself par take in the video as you can see. A fine job he did too for a man that doesn't appear on camera an awful except for the movies. The second night we completed the interior shots and moved outside into that fresh Irish winter weather. We got our hands on a snow machine to set the mood outside of the shop and completed the scenes with Santa and the flowers arranged outside the front door. After some swift editing and musical scores Santa and his flowers were ready to go.