Event Video Production – Conor McGregor launched his new Reebok clothing brand in Dublin, and we got the chance to see him in action.

Filming took place over two days. The first day was at Straight Blast Gym in Naas where Conor parks his BMW 8i electric sports car when he’s there. On the second day, we followed Conor around town as he signed autographs in Lifestyle Sports and JD Sports.  Screaming fans tend to give crew members a headache. This was quickly resolved with Bluetooth headphones and some nice soft music.

In the evening we switched crews for Conor’s Q&A session at the Wright Venue. Hector Ó hEochagáin was at hand to grill Conor on his life as the notorious and controversial MMA fighter.

How can we tell an incredible tale like this for you? Let’s get it down on paper and see how it looks.