climote video production case study

Company - Climote has been created by the multi-award winning Smarthomes, who have been renowned for creating in-home technology since 2002. The Climote hub is the first in a whole new range of innovative products designed to revolutionize home heating technology.

The Brief - Climote approached us to create a number of videos, they had two aims:

  • To promote their product
  • To provide technical support for their customers
  • Outcome - We produced a number of training videos, accessible online so customers could access them instead of having to ring up for technical support. These step by step videos covered all aspects of the Climote technology in short, easy to understand videos. Visible anytime and on mobile devices. We also produced staff training videos which greatly reduced lost man hours due to staff training and instruction times.

    For the promotional part of campaign we produced a number of videos for the Climote website showcasing the different aspects of the product, from the App to the Remote Heating Control. This allows potential customers to log onto the site and see exactly what Climote does without having to scroll through mountains of text.  Lastly we created a television ad for Climote to be shown on national television throughout Ireland.