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Video Production Storytelling Solutions


Social media video sharing allows you to create, edit and share video production content. This enables the right audience to see your video content immediately. We offer a service where we create video content that represents your brand. This consists of video content that you can use throughout the year to advertise on social media platforms of your choice. Such social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Below is an example of how your video is branded, shared […]

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Jump Films Video Production Company Dublin


Video Production Ireland – We have built up a lot of experience working with international production companies coming to Ireland to produce video content.  Some of the companies who have hired us include – New York, North Carolina, Global and London to name a few.  We can help you find talent, crew, locations or accommodation. You can also hire us directly to produce content for you, this could be at any stage of the video production process or […]

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video production dublin


Jumpfilms is a creative video production company based in Dublin, Ireland. Offering storytelling solutions to digital agencies, corporate companies, local businesses and people around Ireland and the Globe. We share your video so that right audience can see it.  Some of our clients include - Google, Virgin Media, Arvato, Reebok and Mary's Bakery.


We are a small team of battle-hardened filmmakers working with global brands and you. We manage projects plus creativity. Our goal is to create engaging content people will share.