Jumpfilms - is a Dublin based video media production company with an international reach.  We have over eleven years experience Producing Video content for TV and the Web.  Furthermore, we manage every aspect of a production from development, production, and post-production through to final delivery and every aspect in between.

International Production - We have built up a lot of experience working with international production companies coming to Ireland to produce video content.  Some of the companies who have hired us include - manwithacam.org New York, k2production.com North Carolina, mcsaatchi.com Global and amaze.com London to name a few.  We can help you find talent, crew, locations or accommodation. You can also hire us directly to produce content for you, this could be at any stage of the production process or all.

Video Media Content - If you are in the early stages of considering video content for your product or service, we highly recommend phoning us for advice on the best video solutions that may suit your company.

To receive a quote - Please email a description of your video media production project, this could include one of the following or all.  A script, Brief, Treatment or a Storyboard.  Alternatively we can discuss details of your project over a phone call.

Contact us today +353 1 4433606