Founded in 2007 - Jumpfilms is located in Dublin. We specialise in creating video content for the Web, Social Media and TV.  We are passionate about our work and it shows in each project we take on.  Working at a pace that will suit you, we believe that all our work should be entertaining, alluring and engaging.


Jumpfilms - We offer video production solutions to corporate companies, agencies and individuals around Ireland and the Globe.  We can take your project from the original creative concept through to post-production.  Some of our clients include - Google, Virgin Media, Arvato and Reebok.

Our philosophy - It's our job to understand the product or service your offer so that we can produce video content that your clients will understand.

International Production - We have built-up a lot of experience working with international production companies coming to Ireland to produce video content. We can help you find talent, crew, locations or accommodation. You can also hiring us directly to produce content for you, this could be for any stage of the production process or all.

Video Content - If you are at the early stages of considering video content for your product or service, we highly recommend phoning us for advice on the best video solutions that may suit your company.

To receive a quote - Please email us a description of your video project. This could be one of the following or all. A script, Brief, Treatment, Storyboard or Link to video you may like to replicate.  We do not give quotes over the phone but please feel free to call us to discuss the project before receiving quote.

Contact us today +353 1 4433606